Skateboarding may manifest itself as solely a physical activity to some, for me, skateboarding is more than culture, is the creation of multiple forms of artistic expression. it’s pure and alive Art in all his expression.

Image by Giordano Fronte

Skateboarding isn’t just something to be good at, it is an extension of themselves and the creative personalities. The ability of skateboarding to combine various art forms is an expression of creativity, and creativity bring upon freedom and imagination for an individual… which is all we need

I really enjoy shooting skaters, mainly with Film, it makes me feel like I am capturing more the feeling of the action, and at the same time, it gives a nice vintage looking… I like more black and white, and I’m still not sure why… its just great

working with Matteo was a great experience, he is very nice and patience, at some point he was even more patience than me. I was very motived with this guy, was amazing how if we didn’t have the shot that we want, we wouldn’t stop till we were satisfied… here below is a small gallery with some of the photos we made. we also made a little short film which is the one here below.

“Most of the community doesn’t want them around”.

Image by Giordano Fronte