bl-iswed u bl-abjad means in Maltese black and white. Maltese, a language of Semitic origin written in the Latin script, is the national language of Malta. Over the centuries, it has incorporated many words derived from English, Italian and French.

being in the island was really amazing experience, even tho I was planning to move there and I was not in plan of documenting, taking pictures and doing tourism right after arriving, but as you may already know me I can’t grab my camera and take some photos, for me that’s the most amazing thing I can do, I cannot go out to a new place like that without my camera, It’s just impossible, a few hours after I arrive there I was already out walking and experiencing that interesting place.

Malta’s picturesque capital has been used as the set of Gladiator, Troy and King’s Landing in Game of Thrones – but it is also riven by subterranean passages that go back to the legendary Knights of Malta.

After spending a few days in Malta, one day wandering around Valletta, I began to think that I may have made a mistake by coming to Malta, looking to move there and start from cero… Don’t get me wrong, Valletta was charming, but after just a few hours, I felt as though I had explored the whole tiny capital on foot. What I was going to do if I was going to stay on the island for a long prior of time?

If you’re unfamiliar with Malta, it’s a small island country located south of Sicily in the Mediterranean Sea. Because of its location between Italy and North Africa, Malta’s people, history and cuisine are a melting pot of these cultures. When I told my friends about my upcoming trip, their reactions ranged from “Where the heck is Malta?” to “Ah, really? What on earth are you going to do there? In winter?” to “I can’t wait to hear your thoughts – I love Malta!”

Traveling to Malta in winter meant that it would probably be too cold to be in “beach”, my options were limited. Could I have spent more than a week strolling the historic streets of Valletta, looking for a job, looking for an apartment and food? Probably so. But, that’s was not my plan at all, a lot worse things happen but I really enjoy photographing and walking into those interesting streets and in a weird placed that I never thought I would be.

But, unluckily, Malta screw me up… slowly and steadily. Each day I spent there was worst than the last, and when it came time to board the plane to Istanbul and then back to Florida.

Sliema, Malta. Triq It – Torri

I wasn’t quite ready to leave. “I fell in love (with Malta) how you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once.” (Go ahead and judge me, I would too). Cheesy comparison? Admittedly, yes. But, so very true of my feelings towards this tiny island nation. My whole experience wasn’t that good, but it was because I wasn’t ready for it and I did not have anything planned very well, I had to leave the U.S as quickly as possible Because I dropped my classes and I didn’t have too much time to plan…

In all seriousness, I couldn’t be happier to have experienced Malta. It was almost impossible to stay a few more days. In fact, I have so much to tell you that my Malta experience, can’t be squeezed into just one post, so I’ll be doing a series of Malta Collections and high-quality prints are available at

all the images on this Black & White Collection of Malta have been captured with my old Canon A-1 and all the images were developed by me. you can also read more about the color collection here and If you are interested in buying a print you can check out both Galleries in the links below.

B&W Gallery Color Gallery

So, was Malta a mistake?

No way! I had a lovely time exploring the beautiful and historic country and am certain I’ll be back in the future.