Winner of The Adobe Photoshop “Little Dream” Design Contest.

I love doing this type of thing, I just feel so free when I am editing an image. it takes some time to think about the idea, the composition, the editing, and many more things… but it’s like when you start doing something you love and the time doesn’t exits while you are concentrated, this just feels like that, just creating an image from scrap make me feel free, there are no limitations… is like dreaming and at the same time projecting what you are dreaming. this time I had the opportunity to enter a contest where I have to create my own “Little Dream” world. I started by designing and building the scenario, I wanted to create a different environment where I was at that moment, I was in Florida and I wanted to show a winter environment where everything tends to be more quiet and lonely so I used flour to simulate the snow and a real vintage lightbulb. I wanted to transmit the loneliness that every individual feels at some point in their lives meanwhile looking to the lightbulb would give you a sense that something still alive and is trying to reach out for you and stop you from being lonely.

After submitting my image through a Bēhance LiveStream that was being hosted by Aaron Nace from Phlearn my Image got select for a quick review during the LiveStream, giving me the chance to enter to the contest by uploading my Artwork to the social media. after a panel of qualified judges designated by Adobe, in their sole discretion, evaluate and score all eligible Entries received and select the Participants with thehighest‐ ranked Entries (potential “winner(s)”) based on each Entry’s cumulative score using the below-weighted criteria (“Judging Criteria”):

(A) 25% Creativity
(B) 25% Originality
(C) 25% Overall Design
(D) 25% Artistic Composition

Here’s the Bēhance project where you can see a little of the work behind this image.

all images had their own story, some of them hidden inside the actual photo, you won’t understand it, but your inside would…

The Gallery above showcase a few of my creations. To be honest, I have a lot of images that I start creating and I never finish them, or at least I never share them with the public, they just have little “mistake” that make the whole image look fake or bad manipulated, one day I would like to fix them and share them in the future, maybe retake the whole image and start from zero would be a great idea.