The SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch (Infrared)

The SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch (Infrared) First of all I want to explain this picture… this was an idea I got a few weeks ago when I knew the day of the launch of the Falcon Heavy.

So the picture was captured with an infrared filter, that’s why you see those weird colors, which I want to say they are “Fake Colors”. In infrared photography, the image sensor used is sensitive to infrared light. The part of the spectrum used is referred to as near-infrared to distinguish it from far-infrared, which is the domain of thermal imaging. so an infrared-passing filter is used; this lets infrared (IR) light pass through to the camera, but blocks all or most of the visible light spectrum (the filter thus looks black or deep red).

Raw infrared image by Giordano Fronte.

(“Infrared filter” may refer either to this type of filter or to one that blocks infrared but passes other wavelengths.) When these filters are used together with infrared-sensitive sensors you may obtain false-color or black-and-white images with a dreamlike or sometimes lurid appearance known as the “Wood Effect,” an effect mainly caused by foliage (such as tree leaves and grass) strongly reflecting in the same way visible light is reflected from snow.

There is a small contribution from chlorophyll fluorescence, but this is marginal and is not the real cause of the brightness seen in infrared photographs. The effect is named after the infrared photography pioneer Robert W. Wood.

So now that you understood the photo you can see in the middle the trajectory of the Falcon Heavy, which it drew a perfect line. The photo was a long exposure of 8:04min with an aperture of 22 and ISO 100.

Images by Giordano Fronte.
Image by Giordano Fronte.
Image by Giordano Fronte.