August 21 of 2017, the day I have been waiting for a couples of years… the day that I would finally be able to capture an amazing solar eclipse, experiencing the by myself was a really great moment, even tho I was in Florida and I wasn’t able to capture the eclipse in his totally.

One day I was reading the news on my phone and I saw an announcement from the NASA that there was going to be an eclipse in the next couple of years, so I immediately save the date in my calendar, I was so excited that I was going to be able to see almost the whole eclipse from were I was, but I said I have a couple of years to plan this right and maybe I can travel a little to the north, I was in Orlando, Florida at the moment, so I can go like to North Carolina where I would be able to capture the totality of the eclipse, so I start to make some research about where the eclipse would be visible so I can start my travel plan, I end up planning to go to North Carolina…

It never happens, in two years a lot of things can happen and what happens to me here is that I forgot about the eclipse like two weeks before… I couldn’t go to North Caroline ether because I had to work that day too, it ends up being impossible to travel so I decided to do it from my backyard…

Days before the eclipse I start preparing my camera and stuff, I was going to purchase a filter for my big lens which is 200mm diameter, I had an infrared filter but its 72mm, so it would not fit on the lens I was planning to use for the image I wanted, so I invented a converter for my infrared filter because I couldn’t buy two weeks before the day it was already sold out everywhere… so I invented my own homemade filter coveter.

I arrive that day from work at (12:51 PM) the eclipse it was supposed to start at (01:20 PM) I left all the stuff right next to the door of my house before leaving in the morning because I knew it was going
to be close, but I didn’t miss it, the filter fit perfectly and everything worked perfectly I spend 3 hours in my backyard behind the camera, capturing the sun every 10 minutes so I could build the following sequence of the whole eclipse.

Image by Giordano Fronte.

The image above was the final result of the partial solar eclipse sequence.

A gif with all the images captured. Images by Giordano Fronte.