Music by Miguel Cassino

2018. It was a year of introspection, reflection, and contemplation, although this was accompanied by feelings of loneliness or isolation. This last year have been a deeply emotional and a little uncomfortable time, but like any positive guy in this world I tried to keep up and still make great things and still be happy about it, and for me that’s the key to everything, even if you are at your worst moment there’s still some hope and faith, and you can see that reflected in ones of my latest project “Light Alone” in which I try to transmit that feeling, sometimes people would tell you that being lonely is a good thing, but I have learned that not all the time is good to be alone and for me its way harder to describe this here than rather just showing the image I’m talking about. For me, it’s easy to create an image with a message, that writes the message itself and try to make myself understood.

Something that I really like about photography is that no matter what you’re trying to say with the photo itself but it would hold harder the meaning of the message than just rather telling it yourself, people tend to believe more in the image than the person is talking to and that’s something I have always struggle with, people always treat me as a “liar” and tends to ignore me when I’m trying to make a point, but the experience is completely different when I try to give the same message through my photos, people tend to stop a look closer and appreciated it more, maybe that’s why photography is something special for me, makes me feels a little more confident than usual and its the best way for me to express myself and it would always be.

I likely spent the year searching for answers and learning more about myself than ever before. At times I likely felt confused, depressed or misunderstood and that’s because I was in my own “spiritual journey'” that few could understand. There’s no doubt that 2018 was a challenging year, although was a great year full of love, harmony, and compassion.

Here’s a small gallery with some of the projects I was able to create this 2018

Nacho & Family at Disney Magic Kingdom

Suite 33 Media and Giordano Fronte presents a Film Production for Orlando Magical Getaway and Real Fun Life with Nacho and his family at Universal Studios & Disney Magic Kingdom.

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“Dogs do speak”

This touching series presents portraits of dogs in high-quality photographs, conveying their unique personalities and through the power of visual art, it opens an opportunity for dialogue surrounding the ways in which we can all strive to live more compassionately for the benefit of all sentient beings and the world in which they inhabit.

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“Most of the community doesn’t want them around”.

Skateboarding may manifest itself as solely a physical activity to some, for me, skateboarding is more than culture, is the creation of multiple forms of artistic expression. it’s pure and alive Art in all his expression.

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Marko Música Show

Suite 33 Media and Giordano Fronte presents a production for Orlando Westgate Resorts and Real Fun Life with Marko Musica at Mango’s Tropical Cafe Orlando.

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Pumped Kicks – Cover by Keko Fronte

Phone Cases Commercial