2017 Show Reel – by Giordano Fronte. At the end of every year, I like to make a short video showing the best content that I was able to create, in the video you’ll see a good number of images and videos that were captured during 2017, witch it was an incredible year with a lot of experience learned.

Partial Solar Eclipse 2017 by Giordano Fronte

I actually start working in this video on December 30th of 2017, to be honest, I was not going to make a Show Reel that year because it was not as good as I was looking further, but it was an incredible year, the fact that a lot of bad things happens doesn’t make me feel bad about it, as the saying goes “from the worst experiences is were we all learn better and I think I am one of those people…

I really enjoy making this type of videos because I like the feeling of going back in time and watch all the greats moments that I was able to capture, just looking the footage and putting together this videos is amazing, it makes you see things again in another perspective and enjoy them more each time you go back and see them, that’s why I love having a camera, it‘s like a brush for a painter

St Petersburg Beach. Tampa, Fl. by Giordano Fronte

The image above, I remember that moment exactly, Just two parents having fun with their kids at the beach enjoying the beautiful sunset, I was actually leaving when I take that photograph, I was walking to the parking lot when I looked back at the beach and saw those amazing colors after the sunsets I couldn‘t just turn around a keep walking, I just can‘t do that, that’s not me, so I stopped complete leaving the group behind like always and screaming: “I’m taking a picture gives a second.”

That was in February of 2017 at St Petersburg‘s Beach, Tampa, Florida. I went with my bother and other friends and we spend the whole day at the beach. Every time we go to the West coats in Tampa, Florida we wait till the Sunset, is always amazing watching directly from the beach.

The image below was in Valletta, Malta. A little street call “Old Bakery Street. The feeling of being there was weird, to be honest, even tho I was going thru a lot at that moment, it was a great experience, capturing moments in many places in that tiny island was great, I learned a lot about the history of Malta. Just walking through its streets will transport you to other times, in the midst of an aura of mystery of the most immersive.

Valletta, Malta with Canon A-1, HP5+ 400. by Giordano Fronte

The video came out actually pretty good, I was inspired all the time with a single song, which it was: Kids With Guns (Quiet Village Remix) from the album D-Sides (Special Edition) by Gorillaz. I was so inspired by that song that I wanted to include it the final video, so I contacted my old friend from Middle school “Miguel Cassino hes a musician since it was born, he‘s currently settled in Ireland, Dublin, And he became a Music Producer for signers and films score composer.

He ends up with that amazing soundtrack; I make him include a little hidden part of the song, so if you listen closely to the music you could hear a voice saying “and they’re turning us into monsters“. Golliraz is one of my favorite music groups. Miguel has done an impeccable job with the production of the soundtrack for this 2017 Show Reel video.

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